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Grand compassion

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I love this morning. It’s been so dry, and out my west window, I see a dark steel-blue sky behind the yellow autumn trees. So beautiful. Color contrasts that feed the soul.

I also love how God speaks in always unexpected ways. This love relationship with the Creator truly is adventurous.

So… I was sending birthday cards to a few very special people today, and the Lord impressed upon me His words on the Grand Compassion card from Isaiah 54:10, “For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but My lovingkindness will not be removed from you, and My covenant of peace will not be shaken.” says the Lord who has compassion on you.

Mountains are removed; mudslides carry with them trees, beautiful homes, and lives; volcanoes erupt and avalanches bury everything in their path; hurricanes wash away established communities; tornadoes and fires obliterate everything precious; hills shake; and we shake. Our shaking takes the form of fear, anxiety and despondency. The more we try to overcome our fear and quaking circumstances, the worse we shake. If you find yourself shaking, remember…

God is Solid
God invites us to rest in His unshakable, irremovable, covenant-keeping arms. Imagine that you are sitting on a vast flat rock, so big it is like a large plateau. You are either shaking from fear or your soul simply cannot be quieted. Maybe you just lost your job; maybe your teenager is making wrong, life-changing decisions; maybe your friend does not seem to be recovering from cancer; maybe you’re anxious and don’t know why; maybe you are mostly doing fine, but there is that persistent little fear that comes around like an annoying fire ant.

At those times, don’t try to get out of the fear. Rest in His solidity under you. Thank Him that, even though you are shaking, He is not… and He holds you.

Sometime in the middle of the night back in the mid-80s not long after I met Jesus, I was awakened by a terrible, tangible fear. The Lord gave me this prayer then, “Lord, I am afraid, but You are not. It does not matter that I am afraid, because you are not and you hold me.” The fear immediately left. I am not saying the fear will always immediately leave, but as you trust and rest in His unshaking hold on you, you will avoid the deeper fear that comes from fearing fear.

God is Warm
Another description of rocks is that they are warm. They conduct heat. Sometimes when I place an annual plant under or near a large rock, it is kept warm in the winter and will come back in the spring.

So while you are sitting on the rock, not only do you experience its solidity and strength to hold you, but you feel its warmth. God’s presence is a place of total protection and provision.

Are you shaken today? Rest on the warm rock of His faithful love for He has compassion on you.

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The Great Freight – The large project has been completed!

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Dear friends,

Our very large project was completed last Saturday, and I have been taking time to rest and get caught up on things around here. I hope to give you all the news about our fun time with the project sometime next week. We had a blast!

This past Tuesday, I went to our printer to view the final skids of the boxed Hebrew Names of God Gift Collections that had been prepared for shipment to our customer.  Below is a photo of the 1,070 boxes (36 Collections in each box).

Many thanks go to our 53 workers (Collators, Packagers, Sealers, Boxers, Box-Breaker-Downers, Skid-Removal-and-Arrival Assistants, Box Re-stockers,  Lunch-Makers, Garden-Produce-Providers, Celebration-Chocolate-Cake Maker, Encouragers, and Prayer Warriors). Their very hard, integritous work was so appreciated!  Every worker was like manna from heaven, provided for His purposes at just the right time.

Please join me in praising the Lord for His surprising and gracious ways, and please pray for the hearts of the recipients of His Word that is going out to so many through these cards.

We decorated the last cake Ben made with the words, “To God be the glory, freight things He has done!”  Yes, that is “freight” !!!  – a word that now speaks of God’s greatness to me, because the hugeness of the order took our project from shipping charges to freight charges!

May you know the height and the depth and the breadth of God’s love for you today, so that you may be filled to all the fullness of God!

Much love in Jesus,

Beth Ann

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