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About Flower Girl Greetings

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Flower Girl Greetings, LLC was created to magnify the beauty of God’s Word with vibrant, original-art greeting cards!  Our mission is to make it easy for you to share God’s hope and encouragement in a beautiful, tangible and lasting way.  The original artwork on the front of the cards along with the Scripture and devotional thoughts on the back make each card a treasure that will continue to bring His life.  These carefully crafted keepsakes are wonderful giftsholiday cards, and encouragement for every day.

The Learn Page includes free learning tools that encourage the understanding of God’s Word, His creation, and art. Other stories and fun are found there. The Gold Strands E-Letters are archived there and can be downloaded for free and used for individual or group Bible study.

The Reflect Page includes two slideshows of art accompanied by peaceful music.

On the Blog Page, you can subscribe to receive Gold Strands through email, as well as other news and “life along the way.”

About the Greeting Cards

Flower Girl Greeting cards make unique, personal and lasting gifts given one at a time or in their Collections.  Currently, there are 102 different card designs available for purchase on this website.

What makes Flower Girl Greeting cards unique?

  • Send Joy and Hope – Flower Girl Greeting cards bring the power and comfort of God’s Word into joyful and painful situations alike.
  • The Card-Backs – Many of the cards include rich, encouraging content on the back that may include Scripture, a devotion, a hymn, and/or an explanation of the art technique. You may click on the thumbnails of each card in our store to see enlarged views of the art and to read the back.  Please view this content in our store.
  • Gifts – They make beautiful gifts, given in their Collections or individually.
  • Size and Quality – Each card is large and thick, measuring 5½ by 8½ inches. They are printed in high resolution on high-quality cardstock with an excellent printing process in the U.S.A. Even though large, the cards can be mailed with one regular stamp.
  • Occasions – Since the cards are blank inside (except for the Christmas cards), they can be used for a variety of occasions. For simple suggestions, please see our free, downloadable documents on our Learn Page entitled The Art of Card-Writing and Using Flower Girl Greeting Cards for Special Occasions.
  • Framing – The cards’ high quality and timeless message make them suitable for framing. Please see instructions for framing below.
  • Envelopes – Each card includes an invitation-quality envelope.

Framing – The cards fit nicely into standard-size frames. The mat surrounding the art would need to be cut for the frame at your nearby framing store using the following measurements:

  • If you want to frame just the front of the card, an 11 x 14-inch frame works nicely. With this size, the mat is 2-7/8 inches on all four sides, or you could use a double mat and choose two colors that enhance the art.
  • If you want to frame the front and back of the card in the same frame, an 11 x 14 or a 16 x 20-inch frame works well. – With the 11 x 14-inch frame, the mat is  inches on all sides with ½ inch in between the front and back of the card. (This would be my choice.) – If you choose the 16 x 20-inch frame, the mat would be  on all sides with  inches in between the front and back of the card. This makes the mat very large, but could be very nice. You could also double the mat.

About the Artist

On April 3, 1980 at the age of 23, the Lord Jesus Christ came into my life.  He made me brand new on the inside, and I delved into the Scriptures.  Prior to this, I had been interested in painting and drawing, but when I met the “Word of God Who lived among us” (John 1:14), the beauty of His Word compelled me to combine words and thoughts with art.

Since 1980, I have given art gifts to encourage others with the beauty I’ve found in Scripture. Most of the artwork was either meant for one person or as a commissioned piece.  I kept copies of each piece in a large book.

Why Flower Girl Greetings?

purple flowers

In April 2011, after a stressful time, my husband, Dusty, encouraged me to take a break. It was the rainiest season I could remember.  I began digging in our yard and edging the soaked flower beds.  I built walkways and collected rocks to line the paths.  Our friend, David, split the rocks to reveal the sparkles inside.  The garden became a huge canvas of discovery.

The rain was no deterrent to the ten-hour work days.  I sat in the mud and praised my heavenly Father for giving me such an extraordinary playground!  He created everything with so much love and detail!  My soul was renewed, as was my desire to explore new paints and other art forms.

In March 2012, I received strong encouragement from friends to do something with my artwork.  At first, I said, “I’ve tried that before,” but one day I began to gather all the art gifts from filing cabinets and portfolios.  I spread them out before the Lord and read Ezekiel 37:1-10 over them.  I said to the Lord, “Only You know if these dry bones can live.”  He brought each piece to life and inspired me to create new art with Scripture in calligraphy.

In July 2012, the process moved forward like a big wave.  We hired a website team.  A beautiful, young lady named Amanda Wood helped place the art into card files to print and share with the globe!  My husband (a business analyst) manages the financial and technological aspects of Flower Girl Greetings and keeps us encouraged and laughing.  God left no room for me to think I had anything to do with the birth of Flower Girl Greetings.

Our mission is to magnify the beauty of God’s Word and to make it easy for others to share the power, hope, and beauty of God’s Word in a tangible, lasting way.

The Flower Girl  The image of the flower girl in our logo represents all of us taking His blessings and returning them in praise to Him and encouragement to others.

The Ministry of Writing and Sending Cards

Our mission is to make it easy for you to share the power of God’s Word to those who are struggling, celebrating, or just need to know someone cares.

Life is full, and time is precious. We often want to encourage in a tangible way, but life has a way of… happening. So, how do we make it easy?

God’s Word is already encouraging. His Word sent with your thoughtfulness is an abundant expression of love. Your words on the inside can be few or many. A simple “I’m thinking of you” is often enough.

A weekly getaway – Card-writing can be a refreshing quiet time to pray for the people in our lives. For me, it is helpful to carve out a special space with cards, stamps, addresses, and pens. Only one regular stamp is required for each card.
I include the date inside to make the card a lasting remembrance.

The Art Techniques



Floral designs are composed of pressed flowers and pointed-pen calligraphy called script writing or copperplate. floralsflorals

These designs can be found in our Florals 1, Florals 2 and Florals 3 Collections.

In the mid-1990s, I began pressing flowers. Elisabeth, a beautiful German baker who thought I pressed flowers, came to my door one fall day with baking pans filled with water and huge pansies of every color. She wanted to save them before the winter set in. I learned that if I placed the pansies in phone books for a few months, their color would be retained, and I could use them in designs.

beth ann script writingscript writingThe elegant script writing that accompanies the floral designs is fun and relaxing to execute. It is accomplished with a pointed nib in an oblique pen holder designed after the old quill pen. You may download and print my free Script Writing Handout (PDF) (11 x 17) and Script Writing Instructions (PDF) (8.5 x 11). This fine art of script writing flourished in the late 1800s and early 1900s during the Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship when master itinerant penmen competitively promoted and propagated their particular styles among school students and in business. Today, script writing and good penmanship are almost lost skills, but anyone can learn. The harmony and motion of these letter forms are perfect companions for organic floral designs.


Watercolor Washes

watercolor washeswatercolor washesWatercolor washes are created using various combinations of watercolor, Ukrainian ink dye, ink, and masking fluid, along with pointed-pen, brush or drawn lettering. Vibrant, Powdered Ukrainian Ink Dyes are sprinkled onto heavy cotton paper and sprayed with water to achieve a variety of effects. Some pieces were left out in the rain allowing the colors to soak behind the masked letters. Art Masking Fluid is used to repel the colors in areas of the painting.



Collages are created with torn paper that I paint with watercolor, ink, acrylic, or other dye.





illuminationsAn illuminated manuscript is calligraphed text that contains added illustration in the form of decorated capital letters, borders or small illustrations. In former times, these manuscripts were defined by their use of actual gold or silver, but now the term refers to any decorated or illustrated text. My illuminations combine gothic, script, italic, and hand-drawn letters with illustrations, borders, and floral painting. The Psalm 145 piece in this category is not a card. It is a signed and numbered, 15½ by 24-inch print available for $25. The original art for this print is 25 by 39 inches and was executed in original pointed-pen lettering with an oblique pen holder. The lettering is extremely delicate and not readable from a distance. It is an intricately beautiful piece that draws you to come close to examine each word of the Lord in this Psalm. You may view the entire print here in our store. Signed and numbered prints are printed once in one quantity, making the print more valuable in time. This piece was printed in a quantity of 500. The extremely high-quality offset printing process used for the Psalm 145 print is a technique that transfers the inked image from an etched plate to a rubber surface and then to the paper using a large press.


The original artwork for two of the greeting cards (Who am I? and Who is this?) was created by painting ink on a metal plate, then running the plate through a press with heavy cotton paper.


beth ann

Thank You

thank you Thank you for visiting us! Please sign in here if you are interested in receiving email notifications from Flower Girl Greetings. Emails include information about new additions to the website, greeting card sales, Gold Strands devotional e-letters, and my life along the way (which may include fun information about art workshops, conventions, and garden talk).

Please continue reading to understand about the Bible Translations used for Flower Girl Greeting cards. God bless you!  Beth Ann 

About the Bible Translations Used for Flower Girl Greetings

bibleAll English Bibles are translations from early copies of the original manuscripts transcribed by scholars who study the original languages. The 66 books of the Bible were originally written in three languages:

  • Hebrew – most of the Old Testament
  • Aramaic – used in half of Daniel and two passages in Ezra
  • Greek – the entire New Testament

It is fun to use study tools to understand more in depth the original meaning of the words in the verses of the Bible. The original art for Flower Girl Greeting cards is inspired by Scripture. I’ve outlined the process I use:

  1. First, I ask the Lord to speak to me personally in His Word. When a verse(s) impacts me, I will often use it for artwork.
  2. Although I daily read the New American Standard version of the Bible, I look the verse up in the Kings James Version (KJV), because the study tools I use (the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible by James Strong and other theological wordbooks) make their connections to the original manuscripts with the words used in the KJV.
  3. Using key words from the verse(s), I find the original Hebrew and Greek words and read the exposition on their meaning. This is fun and easy to do! Many Hebrew words have no single English word that will appropriately convey their rich meaning, so it is fun to find the treasure of the fuller meaning and convey it on a card. For example, the verse on the cards, Free Place and Spacious Place is the same verse (Psalm 18:19). The KJV reads, “He brought me forth also into a large place; He delivered me, because He delighted in me.” The Hebrew word for “large” is rāhāb, which means broad and wide; these words give the visual image of a spacious field or a large plain where there is no fear of falling off a cliff. Thus, my translation of, “He brought me forth into a spacious place of freedom…”For the card Strength and Dignity (Proverbs 31:25), the KJV reads, “Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.” The Hebrew word for honour is hādār, which means splendor, dignity, or ornament; these words connote that the jewelry of a woman who loves the Lord is her character that reflects His goodness. In the same verse in Proverbs 31, the Hebrew word for rejoice is śāhaq, which means to laugh, smile, be positive or playful, or to play musical instruments and rejoice. I like the visual image of this noble Proverbs 31 lady with a smile on her face as she lives peacefully even in the midst of life’s uncertainty.

This is how translations are written, by gaining an understanding of the original manuscripts. Studying the context, culture and historical events surrounding the text, as well as the meaning of ancient terms, provides further appreciation of the passages. It is a miracle that these manuscripts have been preserved and that we can bask in the wealth of their meaning.


Flower Girl Greetings, LLC was created to magnify the beauty of God’s Word by spreading His hope, joy and comfort with large vibrant Christian greeting cards that express His Word through art! These carefully crafted cards make wonderful Christian gifts and holiday cards.
Flower Girl Greetings, LLC – Christian Inspirational Greeting Cards