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teaching nature artWhy blog? – to share:  life in Jesus  –  the life found in Jesus  –  Jesus’ life!

Although this is my first blog, it’s certainly not my first time to journal or share thoughts from Scripture. I had to laugh when I read an excerpt from Beth Moore’s book, Praying God’s Word. On Page 1 of her Introduction, she wrote, “I have often been asked how a believer might identify whether God had given her or him the gift of teaching. I believe I have stumbled on at least one possibility: if you are compelled to tell others virtually everything you learn from God, you might be a teacher!… The second I receive the least spiritual insight or learn anything at all about the practicality of Scripture slapped on the hot pavement of real life, I want to make the world’s biggest conference call…”   I think this is hilarious! and how synonymous with how I feel! Of course, this must accompany a desire for others to receive it! Blogging makes this “conference call” Beth Moore speaks about much more possible! (smile)

Most of my friends are occupied either with demanding jobs in the corporate world or demanding jobs taking care of their families. Single or married, they are steeped in the necessity to relate to people all day long. With my new company, I am often alone, which is ironic, because I love to SHARE everything!

Not having been brought up on “social media,” Blogging, Pinterest and Facebook are new languages to me. But my desire to share His love, truth and beauty have compelled me to get out of the comfort zone of actually seeing the person I’m sharing with!

Since March 2013, I have shared Gold Strands devotional thoughts with those who subscribe through the Flower Girl Greetings website homepage. Gold Strands are sent through email and posted on Facebook. They are also found on our Learn Page in the Gold Strands archives. Most of them are accompanied by artwork, and some are found on Flower Girl Greeting cards. A good name for this blog might be “Gold Strands and More” – basically anything that inspires me toward Jesus, which, in my world, includes people, nature, words, art, simplicity, and environmental harmony. If you, in turn, are inspired, please share these posts with your friends! And please sign up at the Blue B on the right to subscribe to this blog!