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Flower Pressing and Floral Designs

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Pressed Pansies

The floral designs on some of my greeting cards are composed of pressed flowers and pointed-pen calligraphy.

In the mid-1990s, I began pressing flowers. It all began when Elisabeth, a beautiful German baker, who thought I pressed flowers, came to my door one fall day with baking pans filled with water and huge pansies of every color. She wanted to save them before the winter set in.

I learned that if I placed the pansies in phone books for a few months, their color would be retained, and I could use them in designs.

Here are some Simple Flower Pressing Instructions:

–  Use paper that absorbs moisture. Newsprint and phone books work well.
(Do not use wax paper, because the flowers will mold; they need to breath.)
–  Place the flowers in the books any way you want them to be pressed.
–  Lay the books flat and stack them. You can stand on them for the initial press.
–  After 2-3 months, the flowers are ready to use.
–  Store the flowers in flat boxes.

Pansies, delphiniums, dogwood blossoms, and others retain their colors very well. Spring flower such as crocus, gladiolas, daffodils and tulips turn brown. Press leaves and greenery, too. In the spring, you can pick leaves from trees just as they begin to bud while they are small and delicate and have all the characteristics of a larger leaf that is too big for your design.

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