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Happy March! Update from Flower Girl Greetings!

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CalendarDear friends,

A Blessed March to all of you!

Thank you to those of you who gave reviews for us on Google. We so appreciate it! If you would still like to give Flower Girl Greetings a review, simply click here and “Write a review”

We have two big updates!

  1. We now have an Etsy Store, which offers another way to purchase our cards and helps us reach a wider audience. Feel free to visit our Etsy store by clicking here.  You may also give us a review there, or “follow” us as you shop for other beautiful handmade items.
  1. The WHO I AM Personal Monthly Reminder that I’ve been working on since last fall is steadily progressing. After several proofing sessions, we determined it necessary to include devotional writing on the back of each month with the thoughts I had while I was working on each design. Also suggested was that there be a space to write personal reflections.
    All artwork is complete and the Hebrew letters were examined for correctness by Rabbi Schneider and also a former Hebrew professor. I appreciated there joyful, willing contributions! This week, the Lord willing, I am finalizing the project by writing the devotionals for the last four months.

Since it is March, I am showing you (to the right) a sample of the design and devotional for March, so you can get an idea of what it will look like.

God bless you!

Beth Ann