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“Artistic giftedness combined with the insights of God’s Word is a winner!”
– Sharon

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About the Cards

Please click on the card thumbnails for a larger view and to read the rich content on the back.

Each card measures 5½ by 8½ inches, is blank inside (except for the Christmas cards), is printed in high resolution on quality cardstock, and includes an envelope.

The cards make lasting gifts, given one at a time or in their Collections. Their satin finish makes them suitable for framing. For framing information, please see our About Page.


Learning Tool – Bible At-A-Glance


The Bible At-A-Glance Chart measures 12 inches high by 31 inches long.  It is a free download from our Learn Page.  We have printed it on nice, thick paper and made it available here for purchase if you are unable to print it this size yourself.
The Bible At-A-Glance Chart accompanies the Bible Overview – The Wooing God on our Learn Page.
I compiled this chart over a period of many years from my personal study, because I wanted to see at-a-glance how each book of the Bible related to the whole. The dates show the approximate timeline of events. All 66 books of the Bible are indicated with red letters; book themes are indicated with blue letters.
Starting at the top of the chart, the major Old Testament stories are listed in chronological order in the first two lines. The next line (highlighted in green) mentions the first kings. Below this line, the monarchy divides into two kingdoms. To the right of each kingdom, the prophets who spoke to those kingdoms are listed with the kings who reigned during their lives, as well as their respective Bible references and themes.
Also included are other empires, a list of the Judges, a summary of the Intertestimental period, and the New Testament.

God bless your Bible study!

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