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“Artistic giftedness combined with the insights of God’s Word is a winner!”
– Sharon

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About the Cards

Please click on the card thumbnails for a larger view and to read the rich content on the back.

Each card measures 5½ by 8½ inches, is blank inside (except for the Christmas cards), is printed in high resolution on quality cardstock, and includes an envelope.

The cards make lasting gifts, given one at a time or in their Collections. Their satin finish makes them suitable for framing. For framing information, please see our About Page.


Learning Tool – Genres of the Bible


The Genres of the Bible is an 11 by 17-inch document printed on both sides on nice paper.  This document is a free download from our Learn Page; however, since it is a larger size, we have made it available for you to purchase here.

Understanding the genre and context of Bible passages leads to a sound understanding of how to apply the text to our own lives. Genre is the literary type of each book. For example, portions of the Old Testament are narratives (true stories) with characters and plots; they are accounts of what happened in which we see God at work.

Other portions of Scripture contain law, poetry, and bits of profound wisdom, while others contain the cries of the prophets as they allowed God to speak through them.

This document includes definitions and descriptions of the different genres in the Bible, plus a list of genres of each book of the Bible.

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