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“Artistic giftedness combined with the insights of God’s Word is a winner!”
– Sharon

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About the Cards

Please click on the card thumbnails for a larger view and to read the rich content on the back.

Each card measures 5½ by 8½ inches, is blank inside (except for the Christmas cards), is printed in high resolution on quality cardstock, and includes an envelope.

The cards make lasting gifts, given one at a time or in their Collections. Their satin finish makes them suitable for framing. For framing information, please see our About Page.


Learning Tool – Script Writing Handout


This Script Writing Handout is an 11 by 17-inch document printed on nice, thick paper.  This document is a free download from our Learn Page; however, since it is a larger size, we have made it available for you to purchase here. It accompanies the Script Writing Instructions also found on our Learn Page.

Script writing is an elegant form of penmanship with harmonious letter forms that are full of grace and motion. This art form is accomplished using a pointed nib in an oblique pen holder designed after the old quill pen.

Script writing flourished in the late 1800s and early 1900s during the Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship when master, itinerant penmen competitively promoted and propagated their particular styles among school students and in business.
Today, script writing and good penmanship are almost lost skills, but anyone can learn this relaxing art!

I created this handout to help my students learn script writing.  Each color signifies the order that each mark is made; the small arrows signify the direction of the pen when making each mark.

The artwork in the three Flower Girl Greetings Floral Collections, Florals 1, Florals 2, and Florals 3 was created using script writing and pressed floral designs.

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