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Brenda – Hilliard, OH
Unusual beauty expressed through both the artist’s hand and the Creator’s heart for us through His written word! A perfect solution for giving more than just a card – it is frame-able art! Such talent used for His glory! Blending artistic talent with His heart for us is exactly what I look for in a card – the perfect combo!

Joseph – Washington D.C.
I have received the beautiful artwork that hangs in my office. His Word continually inspires me.

Jared – Nashville, TN
The verse reminder under the Lifted Eyes portrait’s peaceful simplicity has become my favorite wedding gift.

Janae – Rockland, MD
I am so thankful to Rabbi Schneider for introducing me to you ministry! I love your cards and what you are doing for the glory of Christ. I pray God moves in mighty ways through you and your husband as you continue to seek Him and bless others by your service. God bless and with much love.

Anita – Orange, CA
Hi! I am matting and framing your Psalm 145 for a friend. It is gorgeous!!! YOU ARE TALENTED!!! God Bless you!

Stephanie – Warrenton, VA
These are the most beautiful cards! And the writing on the backs of the Hebrew Names of God Collection just speaks to my heart like a breath of fresh air! I want to order more!

Elizabeth – Millsboro, DE
These are the most beautiful cards I’ve seen! A ministry contact sent me one of your cards around the holidays, I loved it. As a Hebrew-Christian believer in Jesus, (A Messianic Jew) the detail in the Hebrew wording and colors of your card are so special. I loved them so much I am taking my grocery money for this week to BUY CARDS for others (I just put a big order in on your site). And, as a recent widow who just lost her beloved mate to cancer, your cards will minister to other widows I know for sure. They have the LIFE of God in them. Godspeed and much success with the talents and ministry the Lord has given you my dear. Shalom!

Colorado Springs, CO
Your artwork of cards were made known to me by the friends at Discovering the Jewish Jesus. The names of Jehovah collection are awesome. Thus I ordered more for myself.  Thank you! God Bless and Shalom.

Lisa – AZ
I just love your cards! The Hebrew Names of God cards are a major teaching tool. I am going to hang some of them on my wall! (Later)… Just received the package!! We are delighted! They are beautiful! Praise Elohim!! They are just gorgeous!! We can’t wait to arrange them on our wall! My husband said how wonderful it will be to sleep under the names of our Savior!!

Daidre – Dayton, OH
I am so grateful for Flower Girl greeting cards! I believe they are all God inspired. I use these beautiful anointed cards to reach our cancer patients through Cancer Hope Ministry at South Brook Christian Church. There is nothing more powerful than the Word of God, and coupled with inspiring artistic watercolor designs; they touch hearts and minds from every denomination… I had one dear woman come to Christ through this card ministry just two weeks before she met Jesus in heaven. She said that she didn’t know God’s word, and the cards helped her to see God’s love and opened her eyes to receive the Gospel. When I send a card, I know they see Christ and not me, or some worldly image and message. I think they are worth every penny and I believe the impact of these cards have eternal value. Thank you Flower Girl Greetings for bringing Scripture to a heavily burdened world.

Donna – Rocky Ridge, MD
I stumbled onto your site and just wanted to say how impressed I am. You are doing tremendous work (artistically and spiritually ministering to others). May God bless you and the work that you are doing!

Jennifer – Kailua, HI
I LOVE your cards. Discovering the Jewish Jesus sent me your “Hebrew Names of God” collection for Christmas; they are so beautiful!

Jane – UT
I treasure the cards, the messages in Scripture, and the spirit. THANK YOU, and I thank God. Actually, I THANKED HIM FIRST. I see you as His vessel.  I am thankful for your witness To The One Who Is Forever Alive, and I pray His continued blessings and guidance on your lives and work to His glory. Thank you for nurturing the love of our Father.  Shalom. Your cards are wonderful!

The Covenant Players – El Cajon, CA
We have had a great time using your cards as thank yous for our many hosts, and leaving your book marks here, there and everywhere! I hope this finds you on the rim of more great adventures for Christ!

Marion – El Cajon, CA
It was such a delight speaking with you recently and thank you so much for taking the time to pray for me. I love all of your beautiful cards, the gift you have is so inspiring, each one a work of art…The Lord has truly blessed you with such a beautiful inspiring gift.  I pray your business will be further blessed as the cards are received and appreciated. I have had such a blessing sending them out to special people. The scripture words I know will mean so much to them. Thank you once again, Beth Ann!

Christine Tutwiler, Bossier City, LA
I love the cards of your Love Collection and will use them to bless others! You are a truly talented disciple of Christ, and I praise God for you.

Lois – Hilliard, OH
My neighbor told me you made the perfect cards. They are perfect. I write one and send it to my sister every week. She loves the cards and hangs them on her wall for everyone to look at. God bless you!

Grace – Athens, OH
You are doing wonderful things for the awesome Savior.  So often, when I am feeling down, something somehow connected with you seems to show up. YOU AND YOUR WORK ARE SUCH A BLESSING TO ME!!! My favorite card is Nani… It may be because it was the first one I got… But ever since I first saw it I liked it! Thank you for doing all of your cards and glorifying God’s word and His creation and love with each and every one of them!!! You and they are such a blessing to many.

Larry – Arvada, CO
His light comes through in your art. I can tell you love the Lord! You are so talented. I just love the meditations on your cards. They are so beautiful and so worth it!

Alonzo – Newark, TX
Your artwork is so wonderful and is a blessing from the Lord! I pray God expands your ministry!

Robin – Madera, CA
Warmest Aloha Beth Ann, I am surrounded by your beautiful cards, selecting which one to send who. I feel blessed to have found such a lovely yet profound way to share God’s word. Glory Alleluia! Your cards are so beautiful! I’m going to tell all my friends about them. Your devotionals and writings on the backs of the cards sets you apart. I believe in your ministry! I have never seen anything so beautiful!

Samuel – Lawton, OK
Your cards are just beautiful!

Diana – Lebanon, TN
I just love these cards!  They are so beautiful.  I’m going to send them to all my friends.

Grace – Akron OH
Your cards are just delicious! I’m so glad for the lessons on the back. I never knew all that about the Hebrew Names of God! I read about Yahweh Tsuri today. It was such a blessing!

Kim – Concord, NC
I am having such fun sending your beautiful, meaningful cards!  I always include one of the bookmarks. May God abundantly bless the work of your hands and heart!

Pat – Fort Wayne, IN
I enjoy your cards and so do those who receive the ones I send!  God has blessed you with special creativity, for which I’m thankful! May the LORD continue to bless you and your ministry!  The names of God are my favorite! A friend told me about them, so I ordered a set to frame. I also really love “Steadfast” and would love if you could do the same with an African-American female, so I may put it in my bedroom. It speaks to my heart so deeply.

Carolyn – Aurora CO
Thank you for the personal note sent with the cards I ordered and the free gifts. I sent out your cards which were well received at Christmas time.

Chantel – Oakhurst, CA
I learned of your greeting cards when I received the gift package from Discovering The Jewish Jesus. Thank you so much for the inspiring cards you make. Be blessed in Jesus name.

Lucy – Centerville, OH
You have such a gift in producing these lovely cards; the artwork, your research and the inspiration behind the cards; it’s all truly amazing. I am so pleased to see all that God has accomplished through your work.  Dusty and you are a remarkable team and will continue to grow and reach more and more people with your message.  You have always been such a light to me; God’s presence shining brightly through you.

Theresa – Houston TX
I just love your cards. They are so beautiful!

CJ – Madisonville, KY
I got a gift set of Hebrew Names from the ‘Discovering the Jewish Jesus’ ministry. This is the NICEST gift I’ve received from a television ministry. As an art teacher for 20 years… the artwork is inspiring!!!

Kay – Westerville, OH
I have enjoyed being able to insert your lovely bookmarks in all of the cards I have mailed out – d Birthdays, Sympathy and Thank You’s.

Edna – Russellville, OH
When I give your cards to friends, they always tell me how the cards ministered to them or how they were touched by their beauty. It comes from your heart, Beth Ann!  I saw the Gold Strands online and printed some of them out. You are a blessing! I love your Reflection Rooms, too!  Your website is filled with beauty!

Ross – Baytown, TX
Your Gold Strands “Acute Anchor Awareness” was chock full of hope and promise! It spoke to me as a reminder that sanctification and drawing close to God isn’t something on the outside that we need to seek, rather becoming more aware that He is in us.

Amanda – Perrysburg, OH
Let me say, the cards are breath taking. I am just trying to decide now which to frame and where to place them in my house. I am over the moon for El Roi, Yahweh Rapha, Spring Rains, Song in the Night, Young Man (the lines on this one are so gentle and expressive)…I could go on… Anyway, thank you so very much. They are beautiful!

Dorcas – Dover, OH
The package arrived and the cards are even lovelier than the webpages depicted them to be. Just the sight of them is most encouraging – and then the words just go to the heart. Oh, I can’t wait to share them. I love the bookmarks! They are so meaningful. I sent one with one of your cards to a dear woman who needed to get a court order for her abusive husband.  And another to a friend fighting depression. Thank you for making it possible to encourage struggling hearts in such a meaningful way!

Patricia – Washington D.C.
I’ve loved Flower Girl greeting cards before Flower Girl Greetings launched. My first experience with Beth Ann’s artistry was during the late ’90’s. She is blessed with an amazing talent to bring His joy to life in each card. The cards do precisely as advertised, “magnify the beauty of God’s Word by spreading His hope and joy”. That is rare in today’s yellow journalism and advertising hype. My family and close friends ask me never to send another Hallmark card….and I don’t. Thank you, Beth Ann for sharing your gift with us. Exceptional artistry!

De – Xenia, OH
Your cards are not only unique, but of the highest quality, suitable for framing or just cherishing forever! Your meditations on the backside of the card are so insightful, and I love the stories behind the cards’ creations. I particularly like the names of God series–they are strikingly beautiful and educational. I use your cards for any and every occasion because the Word of God is a cause for celebration! I pray that the Lord will keep on speaking and touching others through your art and spirit.

Shannon – Akron, OH
I have been getting Beth Ann’s emails for a year now and I enjoy each writing and each card she makes! It allows me to fall in love more deeply with Yahweh my Elohim and with each person in the world who does that, a heart and soul keep going back for more! Thank you for your passion for Yahweh and for His beautiful creation!

Lesley – Troy, OH
I was fortunate to attend a show recently and personally see the “art” and “word” so beautifully expressed. At a time with so much negativity in the world, these cards express joy and hope! These make wonderful gifts for anyone and express the love God has for all of us. When someone sends me such a card, I know I am loved, and what more could you want?

Allison – Washington Courthouse, OH
I have these cards. I have met this artist. She is very talented, loves the Lord and supports home-schoolers! What is not to like about this? I hear she is running a special for Valentine’s Day too! Remember all those times you wanted to send the perfect card to encourage someone, comfort someone, love someone… here is a whole collection from which to choose.

Cynthia – Kettering, OH
I use these beautiful Christian cards all the time. I insert a message on a blank piece of paper so the recipient can reuse the card and pass along the blessing. The cards are striking works of art communicating spiritual truths that can be such an encouragement. My friends are very pleased to receive them.

Jenny – Powell, OH
Beth Ann is a true artist. Her greeting cards are meticulously created from the depths of her soul and her talent is apparent in every detail of her work. I would highly recommend Flower Girl Greeting cards for anyone looking for beautiful Christian greeting cards. These stunning cards are inspirational and make perfect Christian gifts and holiday cards. Beth Ann puts loads of love and care into every piece!

LaRue – Hilliard, OH
The cards by Flower Girl Greetings are beautiful, encouraging, and practical. I use them to write notes to my daughters. They enjoy receiving these tangible reflections of love and encouragement. I intend to keep plenty on hand.

Adam – WA
LOVE THIS COMPANY! The artwork is truly one of a kind. It stirs the heart and blesses the soul. I love sharing the cards as well as displaying them in my home as art.

Rob – Tipp City, OH
These cards are more that just a card with a verse. They are true works of art inspired by God. The messages allow you to connect deeply with both the Scripture and the heart of the person sending the card. You will love the messages and the quality of each card. I also love to receive the Gold Strands newsletter for additional inspiration and encouragement to get closer to God!

Jemy – Hilliard, OH
Flower Girl Greeting cards are simply amazing. The beauty of the artwork combined with the beauty of God’s word blesses the sender and receiver alike! The stories on the back of the individual cards enrich the impact of all the cards. What a great find!

Lennie – Burleson, TX
Your art speaks every day in my home. It is a reference point for our guests and children and so ministers to us. You are His precious servant, Beth Ann!  Thank you for tenaciously holding forth His beauty, mercy, and truth in your lovely work!

Joyce –
I just looked at your cards and they are so beautiful that I cried. They are so lovely that I’m going to purchase them want them all.

Margaret – Knoxville, TN
I just love your cards. They are so beautiful. I love the Florals Collections!

Billie – Defiance, OH
These are the most beautiful cards I have ever seen!

Melinda – Overland Park, KS
I just love all these cards. I’m going to send the Hebrew Names of God Collections to my friends.

David – Manchester, NH
Your cards are so beautiful and filled with the light of Christ.

Judy – Bonita Springs, FL
Flower Girl Greeting cards are so inspirational with the devotionals on the backs. I love them all and am sending them to my friends.

Sharon – Bellingham, WA
Thank you for making these beautiful art cards with the meanings on the backs. I’m sending the Hebrew Collection to my friends.

De – Xenia, OH
These cards are not only a card, but a lasting gift. Your words themselves are a picture!

Daidre – Centerville, OH
These beautiful artistic cards visually speak His love. They bring God into every moment of our lives and transcend all generations. They are keepsakes and a beautiful invitation to seek more of Him and His word. The beautiful soothing watercolors help me to experience and to reflect on the joy of His word. They are the perfect choice for those I cherish and are treasures to me. I sent one of these cards to my Mom who was going through the loss of her husband and she felt the presence of God. I want to send these encouraging cards to everyone.

Mary – Beavercreek, OH
My heart was soooo encouraged as I looked at the cards: the beauty, the Scriptures and the explanations filled me up to overflowing.

Cindy – Kettering, OH
You can’t imagine the impact your cards are making in the lives of the people I’m sending them to. Your cards are comforting those who are facing death and leading them to the fullness of God’s love. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I love giving these cards to special people on special occasions. The cards became very meaningful and were kept for keepsakes. I’m looking forward to getting more!

Jessie – Hilliard, OH
What a great way to share your heart and a beautiful piece of art at the same time!

Sharon – Centerville, OH
Creation’s artistry and artistic giftedness combined with the insights of God’s Word is a winner! The illuminations are exquisitely detailed and beautiful!

Trunali – Dublin, OH
I feel this art work is very soothing and motivating. It inspires me to stay close to God! Would love to see more of it.

Sarina – Westerville, OH
Beautiful! – God’s words and artwork that truly encourages my heart. What a talent!

Elaine – Dublin, OH
God’s gifts both in His word and color are shared through the heart and hands of His daughter. Thank you for sharing!

Patricia – Xenia, OH
I TOTALLY LOVE  your website! Awesome!  It is so spectacularly lovely. Wow! We so love the flowergirl features and explanations.  And delight from fresh laundry to walnut ink!  Your story of Rehab so draws me in.  Marvelous.  I’m sending flowergirlgreetings web connection onto friends who will quickly appreciate your artistry and homage to our Creator.  Shalom!

Marsha – Tipp City, OH
God has blessed us through your hands and talent! Thank you for providing a beautiful way to give the gift of God’s word!

Rob – Powell, OH
Really cool stuff!

Reba – Upper Arlington, OH
How exciting and amazing and wonderful!

Jemy – Hilliard, OH
Beth Ann, your cards reflect the beauty of Scripture and God’s amazing creativity. Both the giver and sender of each Flower Girl Greeting will truly be inspired and encouraged! This website is simply marvelous!!  I LOVE the Reflection Room.  It’s great to see all the other pieces of art that she has done too. What a gifted and prolific artist!  The music makes a powerful combination – beautiful art and beautiful music!

Beth – Lebanon, OH
Beautiful Christian inspirational greeting cards for every occasion!

Patricia – Washington D.C.
The cards are elegant and beautiful; the elegance of the Scripture illumines His Word and the pictures reflect God’s beautiful unconditional love. The cards are a breathtaking gift for anyone!

Janis – Kettering, OH
I love the Floral 2 Collection and am partial to your pressed flowers with flowing script. I also love the Hebrew words! Keep worshipping the LORD through your art! Blessings!

Deb – New York
I am marking your site in “favorites”–it looks incredible!  God will bless you as you share His blessings with others.

Virginia – Westerville, OH
Beautifully done website! Love it!

Jackie – Kettering, OH
What refreshing and inspiring work you do! I love the artwork and so appreciate your words on the back of the cards. The things God has been doing in my life the past few months are all so beautifully expressed in your cards! Thank you for refreshing my soul by just spending time looking. And being reminded of His graciousness. It is hard to pick out my favorite ONE card. Here are my top 4!

YASHAB — Your reference verse (Psalm 91:1) has always been precious to me ever since reading the biography of Jim Elliott “Shadow of the Almighty” written by his widow, Elizabeth Elliott. I have felt God’s unmistakable call on my own life, as well as the need to abide. dwell. rest. in Him. The rich colors you used remind me of His royalty and splendor –and power. My husband and I are on a journey of getting back to Hebrew roots, so the Hebrew word on the front is so dynamic for us! Thank you for putting this so beautifully together!

SHAMAR – The idea of His protection, care, and purpose for us. Delightfully amazing! When I see that card, I immediately think of Psalm 121:5, “the Lord is the shade at your right hand.” His protection is as close as the end of my outstretched arm. His provision and tender care are constant even in the desert experiences of life.

SPIRIT OF POWER – The words of this card are so beautifully scripted! The word power looks — powerful! The highlighted color of the words “and of love” in red stand out with promise and grace. The “and of a sound mind” words in green remind me of growth — even though my brain is aging (!) Recently God has delivered me from some strongholds. One of those was deep rooted fear. This verse is a precious reminder of the journey He has taken me on recently.

FREE PLACE – The last “favorite” is FREE PLACE. It almost makes me cry to look at it as my heart is so full of love and praise for His hand of deliverance. With all the “clutter” and “noise” life slams at us — I find this one so refreshing; a place of peace, and God’s ability to clear through strongholds and set hearts free. Your design so graphically pictures that!  God has given you not just art, but a beautiful heart for Him, and encouraging words that need to be shared with others!
I pray He will bless you with a ministry beyond your imagining!

Yanju – Columbus, OH
I like your ark work and website and bookmarked it as one of my favorite.

Kay – Westerville, OH
Your art work truly does magnify the Lord!!  May He bless you with abundant success so that you can give even more back to the Kingdom.

Bill –
I am deeply impressed. The web page is beyond anything else that I have seen. I will keep this web site in mind when I need a card to send.

Liz – Hilliard, OH
Your work is not only beautiful but very restful.

Lennie – TX
God used your packet of cards to BLESS me beyond words!

Jennifer – Richardson, TX
Your work is outstanding! I am so excited to give your work to my friends!  It is so beautiful!  Thanks for blessing Christ’s body with your art!

Sherrie – Centerville, OH
Thank you so much for your enlightenment in the Word! I have been thinking so much of your wonderful ministry in greetings! I want to send you a perfect card… and yet I can’t imagine any better than yours! Your gifts and talents are amazing and I just want everyone to get in on it!

Lois – Englewood, OH
Your website is awesome!  I love the work you are doing for the Lord. I am just overwhelmed with your company. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I printed off the notes on the Corinthian Letters. I really appreciate all that you publish!

Cindy – FL
I have to tell you – your website is amazing! God has truly blessed you with a gift! Your artwork is so beautiful!

Sonya – Nashville, TN
Your cards are my absolute favorites because they double as works of art.

The Stelzl family – Waxhaw,  NC
We love Beth Ann’s cards. Not only are they beautiful and artistic, but they reflect her love for the Creator, Christ Jesus. Her passion goes much deeper than her gifts and talents – she has a heart for proclaiming the truths of God’s Word and glorifying His name through her products. A few weeks ago I called Beth Ann with a special request for my mother’s birthday. As we talked, I got to know her so much better. She shared with me personally some of the significant verses that she has learned to treasure as “her own” nuggets of wisdom from the Lord. She takes the special verses that speak to her heart in her times with the Lord and creates beautiful cards that will bless others and bring glory to Christ.

Kelly – Beavercreek, OH
I can’t tell you how much I love your cards.  I have immediately begun to share your masterpieces with others.  I want everyone to see what God is actively doing in you.  It stirs awe of His bigness. Thank you for your faithfulness. I REALLY love “Lifted Hands.” It is just amazing.

Dustin – Springfield, OH
I like the connections on your card devotionals between the Old and New Testament (Jesus)! Well Done.

Elisabeth – NC
Your cards are fresh and new!

Robin – Saint Claire Shores, MI
What lovely and God-honoring art! Your website is a blessing.

Sherrie – OH
My favorite is His Plans, Jeremiah 29:11, my favorite scripture… or maybe my favorite is Avinu Abba… Abba Daddy has such a special meaning to me…having been adopted at an older age I can really relate to God as Daddy…welcoming me into His family. What a remarkable gift I have received when I became a child of God!! Thank you God for your indescribable gift!! And thank you, Beth Ann, for sharing the gifts that God has given you!!

Carol – Plain City, OH
Your cards are gorgeous. I love them. I listened to your section called “Reflect” on your website. Soooooo soothing!

Shana – Plain City, OH
Your cards give me chills. God’s Word on them is so powerful.

Dorcas – Dover, OH
WOW!! You are incredibly gifted. I was blown away by how you capture the majesty of God’s creation. You blessed and touched my heart! The lifted eyes card is gorgeous! It says so much. You have such an amazing gift! I LOVE the gorgeous, meaningful bookmark! How can I thank you enough for blessing my life?! The package came at a perfect time – God knew it was exactly what I needed – and reminded me He was reaching out to me in love. Your creations minister so deeply to the heart. God has used you in an incredible way to encourage and inspire others. Thank you so much for being the hands of God!

Kay – OH
I am very impressed and intrigued by the Nativity card (Adore Him). I loved reading about how it developed. It truly draws you in and brings a spirit of peace with it.

Grace – Athens, OH
I absolutely, so totally, like the one with “Hesed”

Chiquita – Columbus, OH
I am so impressed with your beautiful and comprehensive work, which glorifies our Savior in a magnificent way.

Jessica – Vandalia, OH
Thank you for your heart and for sharing your extraordinary talents. More than anything, thanks for letting God use you to move others towards Him. Keep creating…I’m already hooked!

Melanie – Hudson, OH
Thank-you for the reminder to savor His Word, Beth Ann, an encouragement to my heart today. And so delightful to know someone else who prizes God’s Word too!

Laura – Englewood, OH
About the paper plan Gold Strands – Wow dear friend! GOOD advice! I am going to try this! I love how sensitive you were to roadblocks in our attitudes. Nice.