The Ministry of Card-Writing


The Ministry of Card-Writing

The ministry of writing and giving cards is easy with Flower Girl Greetings Art Cards. One of our missions from the very beginning has been to make it easy to share the power of God’s Word in a tangible way to those who are struggling, celebrating, or just need to know someone cares.  

Our lives are full, and our time is limited. We often want to share His hope, joy and care with those around us, but life has a way of… well… happening. Keeping Scripture Art Cards on hand makes encouragement-giving a little simpler and spontaneous. Although our cards are vibrant and high-quality, only one regular stamp is required to send each one.

Card-Writing Tips

God’s Word is powerful. Combining His hope with vibrant colors and your thoughtfulness brings lasting encouragement. Therefore, your words on the inside of the card may be few.  A simple “I’m thinking of you” is often enough.

Card-writing can be a weekly get-away – a rejuvenating quiet time to pray for the people in our lives who need encouragement and comfort. You can carve out a space that includes cards, stamps, addresses, and your favorite beverage – a sort-of retreat center, or keep a folder on hand with these items to grab as you walk out the door when you know you’ll be somewhere that you’ll have to wait for a while. I keep cards in my car in case I meet someone who could use a lift.

I’ve talked with many people who are often at a loss for words when it comes to writing cards. Here are a few suggestions that may help!

  • Write the date inside the card to make it a keepsake. We hear that people don’t throw our cards away.
  • Begin with a salutation, such as, “Dear Mary” or “Mike” or “Hello, Kathy” or “Greetings, Dr. King”
  • Write your message. Our cards are large enough to write an entire letter, but also rich enough to write just a few words. Here are a few phrases that mean so much – “I thought you would like this verse,” “I’m thinking of you during these long, cold days,” “I’m so sorry for your loss,” “Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you,” “Blessed Birthday, dear friend.”
  • End with a closing and your name, such as, “God bless you, Lisa” or “warmly, David” or “with love to my dear friend, Courtney” or “Blessings and love to you from the Thompson family”

When you send Flower Girl Greetings cards:

  • You send life and beauty,
  • You deliver a bouquet of art instead of flowers,
  • You stay connected to a friend, comfort the hurting and share special joys.


Beth Ann


Please note: The Flower Girl Greetings Website Shop will be closed from December 23, 2019 to January 10, 2020. If you order during this time, your order will be shipped on 1/11/2020.

Flower Girl Greetings—magnifying the beauty of God's Word with vibrant Art Cards, Bible study tools, devotional writing and life along the way.


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