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Dorcas – Dover, OH
The package arrived and the cards are even lovelier than the webpages depicted them to be. Just the sight of them is most encouraging - and then the words just go to the heart.  Oh, I can't wait to share them.  Thank you for making it possible to encourage struggling hearts in such a meaningful way! 

Lourdes – Puerto Rico
Your cards are amazing!  I have never seen anything like it.  They are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I love the writing on the backs of them.

 Robin – Madera, CA
I am surrounded by your beautiful cards, selecting which one to send who. I feel blessed to have found such a lovely yet profound way to share God's word. Your writings on the backs of the cards set you apart.  I have never seen anything so beautiful!  

 Daisy – Hooks, TX
How beautiful are the resurrection cards. They are lovely enough to frame!

 Almira – Prince Edward Island
What a ministry!  The artwork is inspirational and encouraging.  It is sitting on my desk to remind me daily that I am His Beloved. May God continue to give you strength and inspiration…  

 Deborah – Port Jervis, NY
I've been a widow for two years now.  Your ministry is such a blessing. 

 Elizabeth – Millsboro, DE
These are the most beautiful cards I've seen!  I loved them so much I am taking my grocery money for this week to BUY CARDS for others.  As a recent widow, your cards will minister to other widows I know.

 Lennie – Burleson, TX
Your art speaks every day in my home. It is a reference point for our guests and children and so ministers to us. You are His precious servant, Beth Ann!  Thank you for tenaciously holding forth His beauty, mercy, and truth in your lovely work!

 Geri – Upper Arlington, OH
I wish I could find cards like this in the bookstores.
I can use them for all occasions.

 Anita – British Columbia
I love your cards and art as does my church in northern British Columbia.  Blessings from Canada!

 Olivia – Denver, CO
I just love your cards. They are so beautiful and meaningful, and I love sending them to people.

 Carolyn – Aurora, CO
The cards are so beautifully done and minister to all who see them. Love to you.

 Avril – Bronx, NY
Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Keep doing what you are doing!

 Larry – Arvada, CO
The I AM Collection is so wonderful.  The Card, I AM THAT I AM… I thought it was something I shouldn’t be looking at, it was so beautiful! A card has never done that to me.

 Nancy – Auburn, ME
Your cards are the most beautiful I have ever seen.

 Jennifer – Richardson, TX
I am delighted to have a big collection of your cards from which I can select just the right verse or art work! What treasures! Just wanted you to know the way you are spreading the fragrant aroma of Christ. So many people frame the cards
I send them! Keep up the beautiful work as Christ gives you strength! Your work is outstanding!

Jane – UT
Lots of people send cards, but yours are the ones my friends keep.

 Sonya – Batesville AR
I absolutely love your cards!  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us…

 EmmaPhiladelphia, PA
Your cards are beautiful and inspired. They are perfect for my ministry of sending cards to shut-ins and my family and friends. 

 Samuel – Lawton, OK
Your cards are just beautiful!

 Brenda – Hilliard, OH
Unusual beauty expressed through both the artist’s hand and the Creator’s heart for us through His written word! A perfect solution for giving more than just a card! Blending artistic talent with His heart is exactly what I look for in a card!

 Joseph – Washington D.C.
I have received the beautiful artwork that hangs in my office. His Word continually inspires me.

 Jared – Nashville, TN
The verse reminder with the Lifted Eyes portrait’s peaceful simplicity is my favorite wedding gift.

 Janae – Rockland, MD
I love your cards and what you are doing for the glory of Christ.

 Stephanie – Warrenton, VA
These are the most beautiful cards! The writing on the backs just speaks to my heart like a breath of fresh air! I want to order more!

 Lisa – AZ
I just love your cards! The Hebrew Names of God cards are a major teaching tool. I am going to hang some on my wall!  We are delighted! They are just gorgeous!!

 Daidre – Dayton, OH
I use these beautiful cards to reach our cancer patients through Cancer Hope Ministry. There is nothing more powerful than the Word of God, and it is coupled with artistic watercolor designs!

 Jennifer – Kailua, HI
I LOVE your cards. I received a collection for Christmas.  They are so beautiful!

 Jane – UT
I treasure the cards, the messages in Scripture, and the spirit.  Thank you for nurturing the love of our Father.  Your cards are wonderful!

 Marion – El Cajon, CA
I love all of your beautiful cards, the gift you have is so inspiring, each one a work of art... I have had such a blessing sending them out to special people.  Thank you once again, Beth Ann!

 Christine – Bossier City, LA
I love the cards of your Love Collection and will use them to bless others! You are a truly talented disciple of Christ, and I praise God for you.

 Alonzo – Newark, TX
Your artwork is so wonderful and is a blessing from the Lord! I pray God expands your ministry! 

 Diana – Lebanon, TN
I just love these cards!  They are so beautiful.  I’m going to send them to all my friends.

 Kim – Concord, NC
I am having such fun sending your beautiful, meaningful cards!  I always include one of the bookmarks.

 Pat – Fort Wayne, IN
I enjoy your cards and so do those who receive the ones I send!  A friend told me about them, so I ordered a some to frame. I also really love “Steadfast.”  It speaks to my heart so deeply.

 Chantel – Oakhurst, CA
Thank you for the inspiring cards you make!

 Theresa – Houston TX
I just love your cards. They are so beautiful! 

 CJ – Madisonville, KY
I got a gift set of the Hebrew Names cards. As an art teacher for 20 years... the artwork is inspiring!!!

Ross – Baytown, TX
Awesome work!

Amanda – Perrysburg, OH
The cards are breath taking. I am just trying to decide now which to frame and where to place them in my house. I am over the moon for El Roi, Yahweh Rapha, Spring Rains, Song in the Night, Young Man (the lines on this one are so gentle and expressive)…I could go on… They are beautiful!

 Patricia – Washington D.C.
Beth Ann, you are blessed with an amazing talent to bring His joy to life in each card. The cards do precisely as advertised, "magnify the beauty of God's Word by spreading His hope and joy". My family and friends ask me always to send your cards.  Exceptional artistry!

 De – Xenia, OH
Your cards are not only unique, but of the highest quality, suitable for framing or cherishing forever! Your meditations on the backside of the card are so insightful.  I love the stories behind the cards' creations. I particularly like the Names of God Collection; they are strikingly beautiful and educational. I use your cards for every occasion!
I pray that the Lord will keep on speaking and touching others through your art and spirit.

 Cynthia – Kettering, OH
I use these beautiful Christian cards all the time. I insert a message on a blank piece of paper so the recipient can reuse the card and pass along the blessing. The cards are striking works of art communicating spiritual truths that can be such an encouragement. My friends are very pleased to receive them.

 LaRue – Hilliard, OH
The cards by Flower Girl Greetings are beautiful, encouraging, and practical. I use them to write notes to my daughters. They enjoy receiving these tangible reflections of love and encouragement. I intend to keep plenty on hand.

 Rob – Tipp City, OH
These cards are more than just a card with a verse. They are true works of art inspired by God. The messages allow you to connect deeply with both the Scripture and the heart of the person sending the card. I love the messages and the quality of each card.

Margaret – Knoxville, TN
I just love your cards. They are so beautiful. I love the Florals Collections!

 Laura – West Milton, OH
WOW!  GOD IS USING the Who I Am Monthly Reminders!  I read one selection for my Tuesday Bible study here at work, and it was AMAZING!!!!   The Holy Spirit SHOWED UP and took over the class.  It was beautiful, wonderful, and I just want you to know I am going to keep using your beautiful cards, calendars and other products until God takes me home.  YOU ARE AFFECTING women and men for God’s glory!

Melinda – Overland Park, KS
I just love all these cards. I’m going to send the Hebrew Names of God Collections to my friends.

David – Manchester, NH
Your cards are so beautiful and filled with the light of Christ.

 Judy – Bonita Springs, FL
Flower Girl Greeting cards are so inspirational with the devotionals on the backs. I love them all and am sending them to my friends.

 Sharon – Bellingham, WA
Thank you for making these beautiful art cards with the meanings on the backs! 

Mary – Beavercreek, OH
My heart was soooo encouraged as I looked at the cards: the beauty, the Scriptures and the explanations filled me up to overflowing. 

Cindy – Dayton, OH
You can't imagine the impact your cards are making in the lives of the people I'm sending them to. Your cards are comforting those who are facing death and leading them to the fullness of God's love. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I love giving these cards to special people on special occasions. The cards became very meaningful and were kept for keepsakes. I'm looking forward to getting more! 

Sharon – Centerville, OH
Creation’s artistry and artistic giftedness combined with the insights of God’s Word is a winner! The illuminations are exquisitely detailed and beautiful!